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News & Updates

Announcements of new features, bug fixes, security alerts, and other updates.

Version 3.8.3 released

posted on 12:31 PM, February 21, 2013
Version 3.8.3 of ExSite was placed into the downloads area today. New features in this release:
  • new admin interface look-and-feel
  • more configurable webtop: default section; more categories (Social, Events, E-commerce)
  • datepicker integration
  • alias pages allow for placing pages in several parts of your site map
  • new anti-robot tools
  • bad URL handling
  • search index improvements
  • improved captcha refresh
  • higher performance dynamic pages
The following plug-ins have important updates as well:
  • Event Calendar: improved iCal support; combine calendars; copy events
  • Event Registration: tools for managing conference sessions, classes, and overlapping activities; conference fee setup wizard; conference merchandise sales; customizable notifications
  • Address Book: new tools for uploading and managing contact lists; upload members, accounts
  • Tags: RSS feeds for each keyword
  • Meta: customize your metadata
  • E-Zines & Blogs: combined RSS feeds for recent posts, combined zines; cross-posting to multiple zines
  • Web Forms: filter responses by dates and answers given
Download it now from the downloads area!

Version 3.7.2 released

posted on 7:01 PM, January 26, 2011

Version 3.7.2 of ExSite was placed into the downloads area today. New features in this release:

  • updated admin stylesheets
  • more configurable webtop categories
  • variable-size control panels
  • audit logs (track all database changes)
  • Event Calendar improvements (recurring events, activities, event venues)
  • Web Forms improvements (summary reports with charts, copying forms)
  • Address Book improvements (generate and save custom contact lists, edit contacts)
  • TinyMCE is now the default web editor
  • new plug-ins:
    • Backup - download a complete backup of your site
    • Subscribe - invite people to sign up for a subscription list
    • URLshortener - create abbreviated URLs with special security features

Alternate HTML editor

posted on 3:52 PM, September 16, 2010
Version 3.7.1 includes the alternate HTML editor, TinyMCE, which has been extended significantly for use with ExSite. New ExSite-only features in TinyMCE include:
  • Inline element selector
  • Font and CSS style selectors configurable from your ExSite config files
  • ExSite hyperlink tools
  • ExSite image/document tools
  • ExSite plug-in tools
  • embed tool
  • three modes: standard, advanced (all functions enabled), and basic (suitable for non-admin users)
TinyMCE is an experimental feature in this release, and is not enabled by default. To enable it on your website, take the following steps:
  1. ensure that the new CGI program dlg.cgi is present in your CGI-BIN directory
  2. add the configuration setting form.editor = tinymce to your exsite.conf file
Otherwise the standard ExSite HTML editor will be used.
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