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June 2005

posted on 12:02 AM, August 27, 2005
Simplified the MySite control panel, by hiding the lesser-used page management functions. They can be restored by clicking on the [+] options link in the MySite control panel.

Added a table editor to the HTML editor. Allows you to modify attributes for tables, rows, columns, and cells, as well as insert and delete rows, columns, and cells.

Revamped the style of the ExSite control panels and administrator interface. Standardized report generation with ExSite::ReportBuilder class (which can be thought of as the view component to ExSite::Report's model component). New icons and layout for the CMS ("Website Manager") module.

Added attribute handling to kernel. Attributes are arbitrary key/value pairs that can be attached to any record in the database. This effectively allows you to extend the schema of the database, without modifying the database structure itself. Attributes can be given datatypes so that they are managed using all the datatype handling logic that regular database fields benefit from.

Changed logout logic to only redirect to a homepage if the homepage has been published.