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News & Updates > July 2005

July 2005

posted on 12:04 AM, August 27, 2005
Installed new SiteBuilder module, for simplified website creation by casual users. This is primarily for web services, where members of the public are creating instant websites to deliver some service to their particular market. Some of the functionality was taken from MySite, whose site building functions will be superceded by this.

Updated Wizard tools to allow wizards to self-terminate (ie. no do() method on last step of wizard).

Installed new BannerAd module, for managing pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, fixed-duration, or regular text and graphic banners.

Installed new general-purpose E-commerce module, to serve as a clearing house for all payment gateway transactions. The E-commerce module is normally invoked by another module that requires payment for some service; the E-commerce module handles the communications with the payment gateway, and confirmation of the transaction. The calling module simply waits for the confirmation status to appear in %share, to know what the payment status is.

Installed Publish module, to consolidate various publishing links into a single control panel.

Updated SimpleMenu module to automatically configure the parameter input when inserting menus through the editor's dynamic content tool. Also added a new "submenu" option to the menu types.

Installed WebDir module, to manage hierarchical web indexes. Includes tools for the public to suggest links, and flag links as broken or inappropriate. New links are subject to administrator approval.

Updated session management to make it more developer-friendly. Sessions are now tied hashes, linking to a user key in a DBM file which stores the session data persistently between requests. Loading and saving of session data is handled automatically by ExSite; all the programmer has to do is use the %session hash like a normal perl variable. If session handling is not enabled, the %session hash gracefully degrades to work like %share (ie. stores data for the request, but not persistently).

Installed PrintFriendly module, which can convert any page into a printer-friendly format.

Installed Security module, which simplifies many system security operations, such as managing administrator keys, site services, members, and MySite access type.

Installed new authentication and security code, allowing for MD5 password storage, reversible-encryption password storage, and session-based authentication handling.

Improved AJAX support in dynamic content substitutions. Modules can now use direct substitution (no AJAX), indirect substitution (use AJAX to insert the initial content, but regular page refreshes thereafter), and double-indirect substitution (use AJAX for the initial substitution, and also for subsequent relinks back into the same module).

Installed SlideShow module, which supercedes the old PhotoAlbum module. The new SlideShow has various improvements, including AJAX slideshows, and graphical prev/next/start buttons.

Improved thumbnail handling in the CMS libraries.