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August 2005

posted on 12:04 AM, August 27, 2005
ExSite v3.2 goes live at ExsiteWebware.com.

Integrated Calendar module with the SimpleRegistration module. You can now tie any registration form to any event, and the Calendar module will automatically invoke the SimpleRegistration module to take the registration when the user indicates they want to register online.

Installed Feedback module, for simple communication with site administrators (or others) via a web form.

Upgraded Zine module, with better support for inter-page services, and improved security.

Fixed precompiled templates, which were not working like they were supposed to. Updated the form validation methods.

Editor link tool now allows you to create links to library content, eg. documents.

Added exception pages that can be used for throwing site errors or otherwise handling exceptions. We use these to do authentication challenges on member-only pages, for instance.

Installed Classified Advertising module, which solicits for and displays classified ads under a number of categories. The module is web-service friendly, and can display ads for the local site, or "global" ads across all sites. Ads are automatically expired, and subject to approval by the administrator.

Updated Member manager. New version tracks unlimited member attributes, without requiring any database modifications. It also has member status management tools.

Installed Photo Gallery tool, to display a library in a thumbnail grid. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a pop-up with the full-size image.

Fixed Rollback function in the Website Manager.

Fixed bug in News module that prevented it from running as an inter-page service.

Fixed bug in publish.cgi that was throwing IE into a refresh loop.

Installed Time library with various time conversion utitlities.