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3.5.3 Updates

posted on 11:44 AM, January 17, 2008
Version 3.5.3 was taken live today, and will be available soon in our downloads section.  Included are many minor bug fixes and improvements, along with the following significant changes:
  • improved image dialog in the HTML editor
  • various security/login improvements for system administrators
  • database security and performance improvements
  • MySite updates:
    • sitemap new includes hidden and translation pages
    • persistent options selection
    • configurable width for sites with narrow templates
  • Questionnaire updates:
    • many fixes and UI enhancements
    • QTranslator plug-in to manage question translations only
  • e-Zine updates:
    • Version 2.1 of ZineMachine has many improvements and bug fixes
    • full-colour icons option
    • improved moderation features
    • new archive mode
    • improved wikis
    • plug-in indexing engines allow for many new index types.  Added grid and exploding indexes.
    • new rules-based system for determining e-zine security and behaviour
    • absorbed old PhotoForum plug-in
    • new multi-zine indexes and forum directories
    • article cross-linking