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News & Updates > December 2005

December 2005

posted on 10:00 PM, January 16, 2006
Now you can link direct to images and documents in your libraries.

Improved handling of over-size content objects - will be published straight to disk, and recorded in the CMS as "pointer to file", to avoid the database hit.

Began implementing language management features to allow you to maintain multilingual mirrors of any/all pages in your site.  The CMS will find the "best" language version of any content object or menu'd page that is shown.  The built-in site mapping and menuing tools are now language-sensitive, and will automatically offer up menu links in the current language, where such pages are available.  Where translated variants are not found, the master language versions will be used instead, ensuring that complete pages and site maps are always generated, even if the translated version of page or site is incomplete.

Installed a new Tree class for handling heirarchic data structures in ExSite.  It is particularly useful for sitemap-like structures, and will automatically build the tree simply by passing it a list of datahashes.  This greatly improves performance for building recursive indexes.

Added key security improvements to the Crypt class, in case you want extra obfuscation of your crypto keys.

Added filename cleaning tools, to ensure file names are shell and URL safe.