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News & Updates > ExSite 3.5 Overview

ExSite 3.5 Overview

posted on 11:00 AM, June 19, 2007
Here is the executive summary of new feature sets in ExSite 3.5.  These will be further detailed in future blog posts.

Control Panel Updates
Your plug-in control panels will pop up in separate windows now.  That makes it easier to work with several plug-ins, websites, or pages, at one time.

HTML Editor
Tables and other special formatting HTML is now quietly highlighted in the HTML editor to make it easier to tell when your cursor is in the right cell.

Web forms can now support "captchas", which are the puzzles that make you type in some distorted text to prove that you are not a robot.  This helps to reduce the incidence of spam that is posted via your web forms.

New integrated search capabilities allow you to search through your specialized plug-in data (for example, your member profiles, comment archives, or event calendar) using the regular web site search tools.

New RSS tools allow you to post RSS feeds, and integrate RSS feeds from other websites into your site.  RSS feeds are ways of publishing your headlines and links so that other sites and news readers can see your updates quickly.

New e-Zine tools give you more options for formatting and layout of your articles, forums, and blogs.  Other new features include unlimited attachments on articles and comments, emoticons, captchas for public comments, and automatic RSS feed generation.

ExSite now has better multilingual capabilities, especially for Asian languages.

Performance Upgades
ExSite has been upgraded to run on powerful 64-bit servers.