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Experimental URL handling features

posted on 7:19 PM, July 27, 2007
All CGI program names should be taken from $config{prog} instead of hard-coding the CGI program name.  For example, use "$config{prog}{page}" instead of "page.cgi".  The purpose of this change is to make it easier for some installs to change their CGI program names to suit local requirements.

page.cgi now supports path-based page specification, eg. /cgi/page.cgi/section/page.html.  The purpose is to lay the foundation for building more user-friendly URLs on dynamic pages.

A related experimental feature is to prepublish dynamic pages, ie. publish them to their page filename, but leave dynamic tags unresolved.  The dynamic tags are then expanded when the page is viewed.  In combination with the feature mentioned in the previous paragraph, this allows for some straight-forward mod_rewrite trickery, in which your dynamic pages appear to be static.  For example, if dynamic.html is a dynamic page with unresolved CMS tags, then the URL
Could (via mod_rewrite) translate to:
If static pages are run through page.cgi in the same way, nothing happens, because they contain no tags to act upon.