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News & Updates > Miscellaneous June 2006 Updates

Miscellaneous June 2006 Updates

posted on 3:00 PM, August 24, 2006

Icon Handling

Icons on the webtop and Website Manager are now floating, so they should not cause horizontal scrollbars to appear on low-resolution monitors, as they used to.  However, icons with long names without spaces may have their names clipped to fit within the alloted space for the icon.


There is now a Submenu-only option for SimpleMenu-generated menus.  This creates a menu consisting of the child pages of the current page. (The regular submenu option shows the submenu if it exists, and the current menu level if not.)

Control Panels

We now have a standard set of HTML user-interface controls, including tabs, frames and boxes, collapsing elements, icons, and help popups.  Plug-in control panels are being updated to use these for a more standardized user interface.

HTML Editor

The editor now has easy-to-use drop-down selectors to add special characters and formatting codes, including accented letters, symbols, hrules, and linebreaks.

Image Management

New PhotoAlbum plug-in provides flexible and powerful tools to manage libraries of images.  Includes tools to upload images, scale uploads to various web-ready sizes, make thumbnails, and manage captions.  Compatible with various album viewers, such as Gallery, SlideShow, and StripGallery.

New StripGallery plug-in gives you a flexible image viewer embedded into your page.  By default it displays your thumbnail previews in a scrollable strip, with a viewing area to display the selected image.  There are many options to change the orientation of the thumbnail strip, and position of the viewing area.