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New Webtop Theme

posted on 5:05 PM, July 21, 2008
ExSite 3.6 has a number of design refreshes, including a new webtop theme.  We are discarding our old blue theme for one that allows more colour.  (Okay, the theme itself is actually grey, but the icons are more colourful.)  That also means that many of the icons for the standard plug-ins have been updated as well.

Plug-ins are now displayed on the webtop, sorted by category.  There are four categories that are defined by default:
  • Content Management
  • Applications
  • System
  • Database
Plug-ins can optionally declare their category, but if they do not, they will be placed into "Applications".  For most non-standard plug-ins that is a reasonable choice, so in most cases no changes are needed to use this feature.

You can create your own categories and place your plug-ins into them, simply by having your plug-ins declare a category other than those above.

Control panels and stylesheets have been adjusted for this new look.  On your first visit to the new control panels, you may cache previous versions of these stylesheets, which will produce bad formatting.  A simple refresh of your browser should update everything.