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News & Updates > Version 3.7.0 released

Version 3.7.0 released

posted on 3:20 PM, June 2, 2010
Version 3.7 is now available in downloads.  Among the new features in this release:

New Plugins
  • AddrBook (manage your contacts database)
  • Blog (simplified blogging tools)
  • CMenu (multilevel dynamic menus)
  • Dashboard (system-at-a-glance overview)
  • EvtCal (new event calendar plug-in)
  • Forum (simplified forum tools)
  • Poll (polls and quizzes)
Other Features
  • more tools for managing web forms (see new QA control panel)
  • updated layout and design of control panels
  • plug-ins can optionally support a summary view for the Dashboard
  • easier installation of plug-ins that modify the database
  • section preferences can override configuration settings
  • better caching of configurations in persistent data store