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News & Updates > Version 3.7.1 released

Version 3.7.1 released

posted on 5:37 PM, September 15, 2010
Version 3.7.1 of ExSite was placed into the downloads area today. Included in this release:

New plug-ins

  • Order Fulfillmment: track your e-commerce orders, items awaiting shipping, and back-orders
  • New Membership Management framework can track multiple distinct groups/associations in one system
  • Membership Directory: manage complicated directories of members in numerous categories
  • Address Book and Contact List management, including vcards

Content Management

  • HTML editor now optionally supports TinyMCE
  • Archivable pages and libraries:  these pages and libraries can still be published and viewed, but once you no longer need to manage them, they can be hidden from your admin screens to reduce clutter.
  • Internationalized the webtop and My Website for translation of admin screens into other languages.
  • My Website now allows you to define default settings for new pages, to reduce the amount of reconfiguration you must do after creating a new page.

Security & IT

  • URL shortening for easier emailing or printing of long, complicated URLs
  • improved one-click login and captcha security
  • more debugging features
  • can offload bulk e-mail to alternate servers for better spam control
More detailed release notes on these features are forthcoming.