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posted on 2:32 PM, July 21, 2008
Advanced Content Management
The CMS plug-in is the "Website Manager", an advanced Content Management application.  It is the primary tool used to perform more complicated website maintenance tasks, such as:
  • installing and updating templates
  • configuring multi-lingual websites
  • managing and restoring revisions
  • creating new sites and subsections
  • creating new libraries
  • managing secondary content zones on pages
  • setting up content sharing and content inheritance
  • reconfiguring sections, pages, and content objects
  • working with HTML in plain-text mode
CMS data is presented to you in 5 views:
  1. your sites or sections
  2. your pages in a section
  3. content objects in a given page
  4. revisions of a content object
  5. preview of a particular revision
By clicking on particular objects to open them, you descend down in these views.  You can move back up to higher views by using the "bread-crumb" links showing your current position in the CMS data.  At each view, the menubar changes to provide you with a set of operations you can perform on the object currently being viewed.

The CMS plug-in can handle editable page previews.  (This is where a page preview includes embedded links to edit the content.)  To use CMS, add the following configuration setting to your configuration file:
cms.editmode = easy
(Note that an alternative setting of "MySite" is actually easier than "easy" mode, so this is a bit of a misnomer.)