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posted on 3:11 PM, July 21, 2008
Solicit email comments from your readers.
The Feedback plug-in creates a simple comment form to solicit feedback from your readers.  It prompts for:
  • reader's email address (auto-filled if the user is a logged-in member of the site)
  • subject (auto-filled to "Re: Your Site Name")
  • message
It also requires the reader to solve a captcha, because these types of forms tend to draw a lot of spam.

The message is emailed to the owner of the site, as best as ExSite can determine.

If you wish to override the defaults, you can specify your own settings in the plug-in parameters, for example:
<!--&Feedback(to=webmaster@foobar.com&subject=Hello World)-->
If you simply specify an email address in the parameter area, that will be taken as the email address to send the feedback to, eg: