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posted on 3:13 PM, May 28, 2008
Switch between different languages.
VersionMenu is a tool to switch between different versions of a page.  A menu of the different versions is shown, with the current version unlinked.  Select any other version to switch to that version.  For example:

English | Français | Español

As this example indicates, versions are typically used to provide the same content in multiple languages.  VersionMenu only shows those versions that are available for the current page.  If incomplete translations exist, then only the supported languages are shown.

Versions are also used to manage any alternative presentation of the same content, even if the language is the same.  For example, you might maintain two alternative versions of your pages for viewers with different degrees of internet connectivity:

Normal version | Low-bandwidth version

Presumably the low-bandwidth version would use different templates, and fewer or smaller images.