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Plug-in modules

Billing Adjustments (Article)
-- Surcharges -- A surcharge is an adjustment to the total of an invoice, whether positive (add-on cost) or negative (discount). Examples of surcharges include: * sales taxes * shipping & handling... (posted 1:17 PM, January 4, 2012)

Web Forms (Article)
-- Web Forms -- The Web Forms plug-in allows you to create, edit, and publish forms on your website, and use them to collect data for various purposes, including but not limited to: * order forms ... (posted 12:00 PM, January 4, 2012)

Forums (Article)
-- Introduction to Forums -- Forums are places where your website visitors can engage in discussions on topics of their choosing. In the simplest case, you simply create a single discussion forum, and... (posted 11:44 AM, January 4, 2012)

Financial Reports (Article)
The Financial Reports module allows you to generate summary reports of your e-commerce activity. This gives you a high-level view of your website's e-commerce activity. To view specific accounts, invoices,... (posted 11:15 AM, January 4, 2012)

Classifieds Module (Article)
The Classified Module allows members to post listings to each other and/or the public. Classified postings can be pre-approved by admin via moderation or posted immediately. Postings remain visible for... (posted 12:27 PM, July 16, 2010)

Advertising Module (Article)
For each banner ad(w/ tracking turned on), the module will track: * the IP address of the person clicking on the banner * the URL where the banner was clicked * the time when the banner was clicked... (posted 11:30 AM, July 16, 2010)

Login Module (Article)
-- Login Module -- This plug-in provides a number of convenience tools for managing login state. -- Public Webpages -- When embedded into a normal webpage, the Login plug-in has the following behaviour:... (posted 2:35 PM, December 3, 2009)

Survey Module (Article)
-- Introduction -- The Survey Module lets you add forms and survey pages to your website which users can fill out. The module can automatically send the results to an email address as well as saving them... (posted 10:07 AM, November 17, 2009)

Publish Module (Article)
The Publish Module gives you a shortcut to the Publishing tool if you are outside of the My Website Module and/or Website Manager Module. Simply click on the Publish Module icon, and then select the area... (posted 2:34 PM, November 16, 2009)

Event Calendar (Article)
-- Event Calendar -- Your Event Calendar organizes and displays events that occur on particular dates and times. Events can be shown in several ways: * A calendar month view, with event links appearing... (posted 2:02 PM, November 16, 2009)

Membership Module (Article)
-- Membership Management -- -- 1. Profiles -- 1.1 Every user has a user record with generic information such as name, organization, login, a photo, and an email address that the website should use for... (posted 12:29 PM, November 16, 2009)

RSS Feed Module (Article)
The RSS Feed Module allows you to easily an external RSS feed to your website, giving you an quick and easy way of providing your visitors with useful information and keeping your website current. --... (posted 3:11 PM, October 19, 2009)

Home Page Module (Article)
The Home Page Module provides you with a quick way of accessing the home page of your website in a new window. (posted 2:31 PM, October 19, 2009)

Calendar Module (Article)
-- Introduction -- The Event Calendar allows you to quickly add a calendar to your website. Subsequently, whenever you add an event to the calendar using the Event Calendar, it will automatically update... (posted 2:01 PM, October 19, 2009)

Members Module (Article)
The ExSite member manager tool allows you to create, modify, and delete member accounts for logging in to the members-only areas of your website. Start the member manager tool, by clicking on the... (posted 10:13 AM, October 16, 2009)

Trash (Article)
The Trash bin provides temporary storage of deleted data. To see what is in the trash, click the Trash icon: Your trash is displayed, with brief descriptions. You can "undelete" your trash, by clicking... (posted 9:07 AM, October 16, 2009)

Webalizer Module (Article)
The Webalizer is a fast web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser. -- Reports -- By... (posted 9:00 AM, October 16, 2009)

To-Do List (Article)
This plug-in asks all of the other plug-ins on the system if they have any outstanding work that needs to be attended to by the current user. If there are any jobs that need attention, they are formatted... (posted 8:48 AM, October 16, 2009)

System Messages Module (Article)
This plug-in module allows the system administrator to customize system messages that are printed out by various components and plug-ins. System messages are those messages and other strings of text... (posted 8:37 AM, October 16, 2009)

Menus Module (Article)
The Menus Module provides an easy drag-and-drop interface for configuring your menus. Pages are set up in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to group pages by topic. The drag-and-drop interface allows... (posted 3:16 PM, October 6, 2009)

Payment Module (Article)
-- Payment Module -- The Payments module provides a general-purpose interface to your e-commerce system. It tracks your accounts (customers), receivables (invoices), and payments (both e-commerce and... (posted 2:19 PM, October 6, 2009)

Catalog Module (Article)
* Category * How do you add a new category? * How do you edit a category? * How do you delete a category? * Product * How do you add a new product? * How do you edit a... (posted 2:05 PM, October 6, 2009)

Zine Module (Article)
-- Zine Module Control Panel -- * About the Zine Module * Types of Zines * Managing e-Zines * Editing Articles * Icons and their meanings * Zine Configuration * Zine Rules * Comment Management... (posted 10:06 AM, October 6, 2009)

Website Manager Module (Article)
-- Introduction -- The website manager is the application that is used for: * managing (creating and deleting) sites * managing pages, templates, and content libraries * updating content (by editing... (posted 3:37 PM, October 2, 2009)

My Website Module (Article)
Introduction My Website is a web application that gives you a simple and friendly way to manage your website content. It has the following features: * create and delete web pages * preview pages... (posted 3:00 PM, October 2, 2009)

Photo Albums Module (Article)
-- Photo Album -- The ExSite Photo Album tool allows you to easily manage and update albums of images. An album is just another word for a library. We call them albums here because we expect them to... (posted 2:04 PM, October 2, 2009)

Email Module (Article)
The email notifications tool allows you to broadcast e-mail messages to all members of your website. The email system is set to check for email blasts once an hour. That means you may get lucky and submit... (posted 8:41 AM, October 2, 2009)

Documents Module (Article)
-- Document Management -- The ExSite document manager tool allows you to create, modify, and delete documents in a document library on your website(s). It automatically archives older versions of a document,... (posted 8:45 AM, September 30, 2009)