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Exsite Webware has a powerful, full-featured, PCI-compliant e-commerce framework which is available to our supported customers. This framework is build around a financial subsystem that tracks customer accounts, invoices, payments, and tax/shipping rules. It uses a universal shopping cart that can handle any kind of purchase, and any number of purchases at once.
There are numerous plug-ins that can generate sales, including:
  • Product Catalog: sell from a wide inventory of categorized items
  • BuyButton: sell a single item, or small collection of items
  • Donation: solicit donations for a fundraising drive
  • Event Registrations: sell tickets to events and conferences
  • Membership: sell memberships to your organization
There is a very simple API to allow other plug-ins to easily add sales to the user's shopping cart, with only a single line of code.
You also get a variety of plug-ins to manage your online sales process:
  • Pay: manage individual sales and payments
  • Financial Reports: view reports and sales trends over time; review accounts receivable and payable
  • Point of Sale: an online cash register to run manual sales
  • Billing Adjustments: tools to configure your tax and shipping rules
  • Order Fulfillment: an app to track and fulfill your orders that require shipping, and keep track of back-orders
This e-commerce framework integrates with a variety of online payment services, and is easily extended to include others. Currently supported payment gateways include:
  • Authorize.net
  • Beanstream
  • E-xact
  • FirstData
  • Moneris
  • Paypal
Special online sales features include:
  • pay now (regular online credit card purchase)
  • pay later (invoice issued to account holder for off-line payment)
  • pay in installments (automatic credit card payment plan)
  • pay deposit (initial credit card payment is taken; remainder paid off-line)
  • view my account; make an account payment toward my outstanding balance
  • coupon codes and special discounts
  • conditional specials (make one type of purchase, and get a deal on another type of purchase)
  • member-only pricing
  • customizable receipts
  • purchase activation follows after payment is received, whether payment is immediate (online credit card) or delayed (invoice)
  • automatically build contact lists of your customers for marketing purposes
  • detailed audit history, including incomplete and failed purchases, bad payments, refunds, and suspicious payments rejected for security reasons
  • e-commerce killswitch - turns off online sales, without disabling anything else on your website
Contact Exware for assistance in turning your website into a revenue generator for your business or association.


Here is an example of the Shopping Cart, with which the customer manages their own purchases:
Here is the administrator's control panel to manage purchases, payments, and accounts: