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ExSite Webware

The web has changed.  It used to be a place for browsing simple HTML documents, but increasingly it is being used as a means of delivering Internet Applications.  Web sites that were once simple collections of "flat files" are increasingly bring replaced by or augmented with complicated software systems.

ExSite Webware manages your applications, content, users, databases, input and output, and security.  It does this in a way that allows any number of domains, sites, applications, databases, and users to share the same system without getting in each others' way.

How to get Started!

  1. Locate a web host
  2. Download and Install ExSite Webware
  3. Refer to Documentation for further help

Useful Links

News & Updates

Announcements of new features, bug fixes, security alerts, and other updates.

Version 3.8.3 released

posted on 12:31 PM, February 21, 2013
Version 3.8.3 of ExSite was placed into the downloads area today. New features in this release:
  • new admin interface look-and-feel
  • more configurable webtop: default section; more categories (Social, Events, E-commerce)
  • datepicker integration
  • alias pages allow for placing pages in several parts of your site map
  • new anti-robot tools
  • bad URL handling
  • search index improvements
  • improved captcha refresh
  • higher performance dynamic pages
The following plug-ins have important updates as well:
  • Event Calendar: improved iCal support; combine calendars; copy events
  • Event Registration: tools for managing conference sessions, classes, and overlapping activities; conference fee setup wizard; conference merchandise sales; customizable notifications
  • Address Book: new tools for uploading and managing contact lists; upload members, accounts
  • Tags: RSS feeds for each keyword
  • Meta: customize your metadata
  • E-Zines & Blogs: combined RSS feeds for recent posts, combined zines; cross-posting to multiple zines
  • Web Forms: filter responses by dates and answers given
Download it now from the downloads area!

Version 3.7.2 released

posted on 7:01 PM, January 26, 2011

Version 3.7.2 of ExSite was placed into the downloads area today. New features in this release:

  • updated admin stylesheets
  • more configurable webtop categories
  • variable-size control panels
  • audit logs (track all database changes)
  • Event Calendar improvements (recurring events, activities, event venues)
  • Web Forms improvements (summary reports with charts, copying forms)
  • Address Book improvements (generate and save custom contact lists, edit contacts)
  • TinyMCE is now the default web editor
  • new plug-ins:
    • Backup - download a complete backup of your site
    • Subscribe - invite people to sign up for a subscription list
    • URLshortener - create abbreviated URLs with special security features

Alternate HTML editor

posted on 3:52 PM, September 16, 2010
Version 3.7.1 includes the alternate HTML editor, TinyMCE, which has been extended significantly for use with ExSite. New ExSite-only features in TinyMCE include:
  • Inline element selector
  • Font and CSS style selectors configurable from your ExSite config files
  • ExSite hyperlink tools
  • ExSite image/document tools
  • ExSite plug-in tools
  • embed tool
  • three modes: standard, advanced (all functions enabled), and basic (suitable for non-admin users)
TinyMCE is an experimental feature in this release, and is not enabled by default. To enable it on your website, take the following steps:
  1. ensure that the new CGI program dlg.cgi is present in your CGI-BIN directory
  2. add the configuration setting form.editor = tinymce to your exsite.conf file
Otherwise the standard ExSite HTML editor will be used.
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